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Wellington School News


News from Wellington Primary School

Our School Parliament met during this half term to discuss events they would like to see take place during the National Science and Engineering Week. From their ideas the teaching staff planned a number of interesting and exciting experiments and organised for many different visitors to come to our school. As a result the children experienced; forensic science, water and Eco-School workshops, learnt how to care for bees, identify trees, investigated floating and sinking, physical and chemical changes, solar eclipses and planets in space to name just a few of the many activities they enjoyed!

Representatives from KWBell Construction Group also visited the school to work with our pupils to explore the properties of building materials building houses for the 3 Little Pigs and testing their strength when faced with a wolf trying to blow the house down.…

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Bodenham Lakes – Friends Meeting 31st January


This is a last minute shout out to everyone who loves Bodenham Lakes and cares about the future of this nature reserve.

An urgent meeting of all friends of Bodenham Lakes will take place tomorrow, Saturday 31st January at 7pm in Bodenham Village Hall.

Please share this will anyone who is interested in the future of the lakes and come along if you can.…

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Herefordshire – the Forgotten County?


I think that’s what it says on a red banner on the Baron’s Cross roundabout near Morrisons.  I only think that’s what it says because it’s difficult to read a banner while steering around a roundabout.

Anyway, what brought it to mind was the delivery of a little booklet with the post…

Looks useful I thought, flipping through, but there was something strange about the entries – where were these people from?…

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Monkey Business


To deliver the Bodenham Newsletter via email I use an email delivery system called Mailchimp.

Using a system like this makes it easier to deliver a large number of emails quickly without crashing the email server and hopefully without getting branded as a spammer.

Mailchimp offers a free simple service for smaller email lists, which is what I use, and a paid service for businesses with hundreds of emails to send.…

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March Newsletter

Bodenham Village

Well, the March issue of the newsletter is compiled, printed and distributed to the pick up points and anyone interested in getting their hands on a copy will find them at Bodenham Post Office, Saffron’s Garage and Baches Bargains, and thanks go to those businesses for giving space for them.…

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